Preta Wolzak   Egelantiersgracht 484  1015 RR Amsterdam

Preta met zwarte kimono, Dandelion, Atlassia, atelierfoto.

# Dandelion

my last sculpture is Dandelion from the series Burden no.4


an article in Woman in Art


She can handle both! Burden no.3


Walking the Molecule

* walks like a dandy *


Walking the Molecule

No. 2 from the series Burden

documentatie beelden, 9de beeld van Pinky and Friends.


I am working on a new series (*Burden*) no 1. is Nephilo


detail of Nephilo


By CreativeProjects/Vice

Art Southampton

Photo Daniel Gonzalez photographer Sag Harbour Thanks to all the lovely people I met at the hamptons Most gorgeous !!!

Art Southampton I Will Be There! Going to the to the Parrish Art Museum

# Sassenach and # Brathàir June 14 - June 19 Scope Basel

poppen serie The Public House of Art

# Sassenach & # Brathàir

original sculptures Now at Scope Art Basel Booth A23

beelden TPHOA

# Scuba N’Gozi

* diving for pearls * from the song Shipbuilding /Elvis Costello about the war between the Philippines and England

beelden TPHOA

# Iniko

* original sculpture *


I Hate Dolls

# Iniko = Born in difficult times

I Hate Dolls

I Hate Dolls

# Brathàir he came in as a blond girly from the north of holland and now he is a proud boy from Tierra del Fuego who wants to entertain people with his painted body as they did back in the twenties

I Hate Dolls

# N'Gozi # Sassenach # LuLu # Iniko # Deborah # Skua # Joris # Brathàir

# Sassenach

*means outsider* I have never met anybody with such a honest open sweet and tender soul as Sassenach

Dolls Do you know what to do with it ?


latexprint on perspex 90 x 120 cm

sousi en Soma


# Soma & Sousi

beeld van Pinky and Friends.

# LOLA #

her name is .... Pinkée and friends introduce Lola

pinkee and friends

30 x 20 cm. latex print geplexificeerd . Part of my doll house Lisa, Gigi, Joan, Pinkeé, Soma, Zuma-Soso, Sousi, Hanneke

greetings from mister sunapee

85 x 120 cm, embroidery, pencil drawing, acrylic on canvas

Ghostbusters by Preta Wolzak


120 x 85 cm embroidery, glow in the dark, pencil drawing , acrylic on canvas

Ghostbuster study

New studio


Claspers of the Wobbegong

Embroidery, pencil drawing, acrylics on canvas. 90 x 200


120 x 90 cm Pencil drawing, embroidery on canvas


100 x 150 cm pencil drawing , embroidery

Decor Bubu

120 x 90 cm, pencil drawing, embroidery on canvas

Huis met de hoofden

150 x 140 cm x 20 cm pencil drawing, embroidery, business class houses / betondorp

part of Betondorp

turkish delight

no. 12 & no. 13

turkish delight

no. 7 & no. 8

turkish delight

no. 5 & no. 6

scottish barns

Pink barn, Black barn, Fish barn, Fraserburgh barn,Blue barn, Where I wanna be barn

Gieser Wildeman

180 x 270 cm, embroidery


*1* 的

malou HR 2voor site aangepast





BuBu, Scott, Amy

Children of St.Kilda

embroidery 75 x 385 cm